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What is CAS?

CAS is a compulsory component of the IB Diploma Programme. It stands for Creativity, Action and Service. It is a great opportunity to try new things, develop skills and help the local community. 

The Creativity strand of CAS involves any experience that encompasses creative thinking such as learning a new instrument, decorating the school, or writing articles for a blog. Any physical activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle fall under the Activity strand of CAS, this includes any team or individual sport. Service involves the interaction with a group or an individual that benefits the community. Examples include tutoring younger students, helping at an animal centre, or cooperating with a non-governmental organisation. 

A CAS activity can either be a continuation of a previous pursuit or a brand new one. Activities can be done outside of school, however, the school offers a variety of different undertakings. 

The aim of CAS is to fulfil the 7 learning objectives: identify own strengths and develop areas for growth, demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills in the process, demonstrate how to plan and initiate a CAS experience, showing commitment and perseverance, demonstrating skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively, demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

Not only is CAS necessary to get the IB Diploma, it is the perfect chance to involve oneself in an activity or a sport they’ve been interested and show engagement in the local area.


UNCENSORED is the school´s first online magazine with it´s very own website, Instagram page and notice board in school. It involves a group of writers, editors, illustrators and photographers who work together to produce content. Their slogan is “news from a different perspective”. Students get the chance to write about topics that are important to them from their own perspectives. This includes articles, reviews, opinion pieces and interviews accompanied by photographs and illustration. 

UNCENSORED was based off the previous CAS activity Fake News and began officially in May 2020.

It falls under the strand Creativity of CAS as students can express their ideas through different mediums.


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