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CAS, an abbreviation for Creativity, Activity, and Service, is a vital component of the IB program. Its objective is to encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities that foster their personal growth, well-being, and involvement in community service.

 What exactly does it mean? 

CAS, an acronym for Creativity, Action, and Service, is a compulsory component of the IB program, designed to provide students with the chance to explore new opportunities, contribute to their community, and develop essential skills. Students can choose to focus on creativity, physical activity, or community service, all while fulfilling 7 essential learning objectives, including teamwork and global awareness. More importantly, CAS serves as an excellent platform to demonstrate commitment and pursue activities that spark passion. Therefore, it is imperative to embrace the opportunity and make the most of it!

Creativity Activity and Service

Creativity: Promotes innovation and creativity by offering opportunities for drama, design, and multimedia projects that encourage originality.

Activity: Activity refers to any physical or sports-related pursuit that promotes fitness, health, and wellness.

Service: Service refers to voluntary engagement in activities that benefit the community or society, aimed at promoting positive change and development.

Reading the Paper


UNCENSORED represents the school's  magazine, with a website, Instagram page, and notice board within the school. The publication brings together a team of writers, editors, illustrators, and photographers who collaborate to create insightful content, adhering to the motto "news from a different perspective." It provides a platform for students to share their opinions and views on issues that matter to them. Students can write articles, reviews, opinion pieces, and conduct interviews, supported by high-quality photographs and illustrations.

Relaxation Club

Relaxation Club, initiated by Ms. Koniarski, delves into the history of yoga and other related techniques, educating students about the significance of stress-reduction and providing them with a platform to relax to meditation music. Once students gain adequate knowledge on the subject, they can proceed to engage in basic yoga exercises. This experience proves to be enjoyable and advantageous, providing theoretical insights and practical benefits. Sessions entail whole yoga routines, while other days, students acquire additional knowledge about various exercises. At the end of the class, pupils feel relaxed and tranquil, having acquired a newfound understanding of the importance of stress management.

Meditating in Nature
Forest Trail


NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union in English) was established in 1899 and is one of Germany's oldest and most prominent environmental organizations. NABU's principal goals encompass preserving habitats and biodiversity, fostering sustainability in agriculture, forest management, and water supply, and elevating the significance of nature conservation in our society.

Mrs. Sharifzadeh, in conjunction with Tino Westphal, the leader of NABU in Seeheim, presents CAS students with an exceptional opportunity to engage in various projects. Most of these initiatives take place on weekends when students have ample time. Activities range from felling trees, transporting logs, and tending to open fields to safeguarding amphibians and more. This is an ideal undertaking for students who possess a passion for nature and animals and are committed to preserving the planet.

Volunteering at the Retirement Home

The central objective of this club revolves around spreading happiness and fostering companionship among elderly residents in retirement homes. Members can partake in several enjoyable activities with the residents, including games, painting, reading, or even just conversing with them. This is a remarkable opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the community and alleviate the problem of loneliness amongst the elderly. The most remarkable aspect of this club is its adaptable volunteering hours, which allows you to effortlessly accommodate it into your summer break. Furthermore, the invaluable life lessons that you can learn from interacting with the senior citizens are countless!

Elderly couple
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