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What is CAS

What is CAS

A requirement of the IB Diploma Program is CAS. Creativity, Action, and Service are its three initials. It is a wonderful chance to learn new things, hone skills, and support the neighborhood.

Any experience that requires creative thinking is included in the CAS's Creativity strand. Examples include picking up a new instrument, making school decorations, or writing blog posts. The Activity strand of CAS refers to all physical pursuits that support a healthy lifestyle, which includes all team and individual sports. Service entails interacting with a person or group for the good of the community. Tutoring younger children, volunteering at an animal shelter, or working with a non-governmental organization are a few examples.

The purpose of CAS is to meet the following 7 learning objectives: identify personal strengths and develop areas for growth; show that challenges have been undertaken while developing new skills; show how to plan and initiate a CAS experience; show commitment and perseverance; show skills and recognize the advantages of working collaboratively; show engagement with issues of global significance; and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

In addition to being a requirement for the IB Diploma, CAS offers the ideal opportunity to participate in a hobby or sport that interests you and to demonstrate your involvement in the community.

Relaxing in Park

Relaxation Club

Started by Ms. Koniarski, in relaxation club, students learn about the history of yoga and other techniques. They also talk about how one can become less stressed and listen to some mediation music to relax. Once one has sufficient knowledge on some of the topics, one can start with basic yoga exercises. Not only is the practical aspect of this experience fun and beneficial, but the theory is intriguing too. Some days, whole yoga sessions are conducted, while others, students continue learning more about the exercises. At the end of the lesson pupils feel relaxed and peaceful.

Natural Spring


Founded in 1899, NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland or Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union in English) is one of the oldest and largest environmental associations in Germany.  NABU's main objectives are the preservation of habitats and biodiversity, the promotion of sustainability in agriculture, forest management, and water supply and distribution, as well as to enhance the significance of nature conservation in our society.

Mrs. Sharifzadeh, who is in contact with Tino Westphal, the adult leader of NABU in Seeheim, offers CAS students the chance to participate in various projects. Most of the undertakings take place during the weekend when students have time. These include cutting down trees, moving logs, mowing open fields, saving amphibians and much more.

This activity is great for students who are passionate about nature and animals, and eager to preserve the earth.

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