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Graduation Caps


SISS Alumni come from every corner of the globe but one thing they have in common is that they share their connection to our school.

The SISS Alumni Association was founded in 2022 for the graduates and current students of SISS, as a CAS project.


Our mission is to provide a platform to maintain existing contacts and to create opportunities for networking and sharing knowledge between students and alumni of SISS.


Together, we aim to nourish the bonds we already have and make new connections through a diverse range of events and Q&A sessions.

We believe in learning that is constant and sustainable in the long term. So, we don't view the completion of the IB program at SISS as the end, but a new beginning for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Blue Water

The Launch Crew 2022

The SISS Alumni association has been on the drawing board for several years. In 2022, this team of CAS students set their creative minds to the task and not only designed this website but also reached out to past graduates via Instagram.


This cornerstone will now allow future CAS students to continue this project to reach out to SISS Alumni and current students.


Many thanks to the Class of 2023 CAS Alumni Team - Anna, Marlene, Shreeya and Taehee!

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