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2023 Online Q & A

If you missed our Q&A session, check out our presentation! Just click on the slide above.

From the class of 2025

Online Resources for IGCSE & IB
websites, podcasts & youtubers to help get you through exams


A website with past papers for all subjects and years. Not the most reliable though, as sometimes the wrong year and past paper are paired together. So be sure to check!

IB Past Papers*
Another website with past papers for all subjects (divided by year and level SL/HL). This one is more reliable and comes with the markscheme. 

Save my Exams
This website provides practice questions and revision notes for math, physics, chemistry and biology. 

A question bank website that contains questions for both AA and AI math, as well as physics, chemistry, biology and geography. You can login which allows you to track which questions you have completed and which you've marked as review.

IBO Diploma Programme
The official IBO website and hold general information about exam formats and other resources.

*Be aware that once exam season comes around these websites will go down and you won't be able to access them anymore until after exam season ends. So download and store the past papers somewhere safe!


Revision Village
This website comes with explanatory videos and lots of questions. The first two topics are free but you do have to pay to use the full website. The explanation videos, however are free and also on youtube!

Khan Academy
This website isn't dedicated to the IBDP but does have some good videos and examples explaining concepts that are taught in IB.


This website is a life saver for biology students. It explains the entire syllabus and is divided by topic making it easy to navigate. Completely free too.

Youtubers - if you're a more auditory learner some great youtubers to check out are:



The best resource for chemistry will be your teacher. If you have any doubts just ask during class or if they have time even after class. But if you need a little extra external help check out some of these great youtubers:


Short and concise; if you're short on time or don't want to watch long videos MSJ provides great bitesize lessons without losing any details.

Richard Thornley

If you need help not just with content but answering different types of questions Thornley goes over the different past paper and their answers.


Physics Resources
Explains concepts and links other resources that you may find helpful in your studies

Chris Doner

This youtuber provides great videos explaining the concepts that will be taught in the IB DP


Fetch Education
Has explanatory powerpoints as well as revision questions to help you. If you need help with IAs or EEs it has some resources for that too.


A great resource for explanations on content and other aspects of the subject as well as other useful resources.
Another great resource for additional help understanding the concepts and content covered in class.


One of the best ways to improve your Spanish is to listen to it spoken daily. Check out these great podcasts to help you out:

  • Spanish Intermediate

  • Unlimited Spanish

  • Spanish with Vicente

You can find these podcasts on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

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